Cupcard College available again

We booked more beds @Cupcard College(Hostel). Beds(around 60) are only available until end of February – while stocks last. Please note: the hostel is outside of MOABIT!

3 weeks until end of registration-deadline

Except Volleyball & 3×3 FIBA(20th of March) the official deadline for all other categories closes on 10th of March. If there are teams who like to attend later on we`ll take 50 € more of costs. During 09th-20th or March we work on the schedule:,de/result/

Actually Cupcard College & NBA are sold out. Teams can still book Cupcard HIGHSCHOOL, Cupcard Berlin & organizing an „own accommodation“. Rules are updated end of February:

Cupcard NBA is sold out & general information by video

Unfortunately Cupcard NBA is sold out beginning of February. Please go for Cupcard College. It`s almost the same quality in Berlin. Feel free to choose singles/doubles for cheaper prices! @singles/doubles towels are mostly provided. 4-8 bedrooms @cupcard college gets free linnen/sheets everywhere! The following accommodations can be booked until they are gone(first come first serve with the best places to stay at):Highschool–>40 % left/College–>15 % left/NBA–>sold out.

Registration for teams from Berlin & VOLLEYBALL

We are “GODS OF THE VOLLEY”, a young Ukrainian Volleyball project and also a youth movement, we began our development path in August 2023 in Germany.

We train people in this wonderful sport like volleyball, our community consists of young, adult and mature people who want to learn volleyball, as well as spend time in a sports and cultural society aimed at developing physical and spiritual qualities.

The newest segment added to the Eastercup story is VOLLEYBALL!
International teams from different continents and countries around the world are invited to our tournament. Teams and their participants, as well as team captains and/or coaches, must take into account that this tournament is held in a “Mix” format (minimum 2 girls), so participating teams must take this into account whe they do registration.
The tournament will be held in a classic format, indoors in one or more halls provided by our partners – BC Lions Moabit 21 e.V.

Our partner is – BС Lions Moabit – with whom we met in August 2023 and to this day we are in strong working and friendly relationships. This year we had the opportunity to be participants and also, at the same time, organizers of a volleyball tournament as part of the annual Eastercup 2024. We are happy to take part in such a large-scale event as organizers, as well as participants. Volleyball takes place on 31st March to 1st of April – arrivalday is the 30th of March. Registration-Form for Volleyball is online now! Deadline is the 20th of March to register!!! International teams & teams from outside of Berlin needing accommodation/visa should contact the LOC!!!!

Regarding the public-transport tickets of teams from Berlin/Brandenburg(location/living at these spots) we found a nice solution. A private sponsor who doesnt want to be mention, will be take over the costs. The costs won`t show up on your invoice but need to be proved at office . The public transport ticket, BVG, is saying since day 1: All or nobody. Feel free to register until 10th of March here: for all categories except VOLLEYBALL + FIBA 3X3!

Over 1000 participants, Deadline & Transport

Within the date of 26th of January the numbers of participants reached the mark of 1k. The following accommodations can be booked until they are gone(first come first serve with the best places to stay at):Highschool–>55 % left/College–>20 % left/NBA–>30 % left. International Eastercup is still a kidsproject, we are not the Olympic Games etc.

Public transport tickets can be delivered to airport SXF & ZOB. We`ll drop down a list online for all teams in needing for public transport tickets mid of March. Volleyball is the seocnd sport in International Eastercup 2k24. Registration-Deadline for teams is ending 10th of March exactly. WE STILL got some beds left for parents/fans etc. Please contact

Program and additional nights

Proudly presenting the program of International Eastercup 2k24. Come and see what you get there!

Some of the teams freequently asked: Can we arrive earlier or stay longer in Berlin?
–>Of course, indeed! Extranights are available for 4-6 beds at Hotel: Ca. 40 €/person, Hostel: Ca. 30€/person. Both including breakfast! Additional nights @Cupcard Highschool almost not possible–>only by request before fixing registration, thank you!

800 participants so far/2 months to go/accommodations

At the moment there are around 800 participants including referees and volunteers locked in. We do expect double times numbers in year 11. The following countries are part in 2024: Albania, Austria, Czech-Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, Great-Britain, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sri-Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunesia, Ukraine, USA, Zimbabwe!!!
Last date to sign is the 10th of March. Teams can still ask for cheaper beds for parents etc.
At the end of February Eastercup will publish all registrated team on their map and spread some lists to fill in!

The following accommodations can be booked until they are gone(first come first serve with the best places to stay at):Highschool–>70 % left/College–>45 % left/NBA–> 40 % left. International Eastercup is still a kidsproject, we are not the Olympic Games etc.

New category, program, accommodations & ALBA-Game

We do have a new category: U24 for boys and girls born in 2000 and younger. End of January teams are able to register for it online. ALBA BBL/Euroleague team plays vs Hamburg Towers on sunday. Get cheaper tickets over office.(Game-schedule before tickets), Each ticket is 16 €(category 2/3). Fill in into a list during March on our website. Latest order @Check-In on arrivalday!

The program in 2024 is almost the same as in 2023: –> You`ll find all accommodations for now here:,de/result/map

Molten still Ballpartner @ Eastercup Moabit & Wishes

Since 2017 is the offical partner for balls. On each court Eastercup is providing 2 balls for warm-up. We are using BGMX7-C/BGMX6-C/BGMX5-C. We are very happy about the cooperation since day 1 and would like to give a big big thank you to M. Wedler, awesome!Please note: This annual we don`t spread or publish the name of the accommodation until the gameplan is online. Wishes can be spoken out, for sure.