Registration 2024 is online

Feel free to register your team/referee for International Eastercup 2024. Official invitation follows in September…

After Eastercup is before Eastercup 2024

Still alot of things to do – invoices of partners/hotels/sending out packages of lost items/project reports/analyses and so on.

End of may we`ll do have a day with all our youth-volunteers/kidsteam. They got the focus since day 1, they are the secret behind the scenes, they are the real mindsets of the kidsproject called International Eastercup Berlin-Moabit.
Next year the organization-team is staffed by Jay + Andy. Unfortunately it will be Andy
`s last year.

This years annual it was JM`s last dance. @Court 1 we dedicated him a special honor after 7 years of Eastercup. JM, YOU ARE EASTERCUP-FAMILY!!!

We don`t want to forget the most significant group on tourneys like this – all 2PO/3PO Referees. YOU WERE DOING GREAT! Thank you so much being in Berlin-Moabit 2k23.

Chile, Deposit, Lost Items, Pictures

After 10 beautiful days the team from Chile is leaving on thursday evening. Diego gave us the last Interview. Reunion is in December 23/January 24!

We`ll prepare all deposit-payments around the first weekend after EASTERCUP 2k23. There will be a link for all lost items as well on this website. In the upcoming days we`ll publish a link with the best of all Eastercup-Pictures, too. TSV Malmsheim is the winner of the Fair-Play-Trophy this year. For us Eastercup is still not over…

All winning teams:,de/result/statistics/winners

Magazine, office and new team

Our kids get it done. The magazine is online:

These ladies run the office this year. Office is as always located at Court 1 Alt-Moabit 10. If you accommodate at Cupcard Highschool, earliest time to get access to the accommodations is about 16.00/17.00.

Finally we got a new team from Poland, welcome Tecza Leszno. They are filling the GU18 spot for the PO Semifinals! We wish all teams, referees, volungteers and so on a stressfree trip to Berlin!