Insurance & Liability

The participation at Eastercup Berlin Moabit takes place at your own risk. Every participant
recognizes a disclaimer from the organizer for damages of any kind (even pieces of clothing

The participant will neither make any claims against the organizer, sponsors nor against the
city or commune in case of damage or injury that was caused by the participation at Eastercup

Berlin-Moabit.The organizer and the organizing team do not take any responsibility for any
health risks of the participant in connection to the participation at Eastercup Berlin-Moabit.
The organizer and the organizing team is allowed in cases of higher degree violence, incitement by authorities or safety reasons to make changes in the execution of the tournament or
in severe cases even cancel it.

The participant in this case has no right of receiving a refund on the starting fee or replacement on damages as well as the expenses of travel and accommodation. While registering a team the specified personal data will be saved and only be used for the execution of the tournament and additionally for the case of a medical emergency. This specifically applies to the data needed for any sort of payment (§28 Federal data protection act).

With the registration the participant agrees to the saving of their data for these causes. The in connection to the tournament taken photography, film recordings and interviews of the participant in any form of broadcasting services can be used and published by the organizer without the right of compensation for the participant. With the registration the participant agrees to the publication of said media.
General Data Protection Regulation“ is applicable law in Germany.

Special Corona-Rules

Top 10 Eastercup 2021

  1. Eastercup 21 is organized in a trimmed-down version only
  2. Health stands over all for us
  3. We focus on PCR-Test before arrival and mask-requirement during tournament
  4. (We believe in the power of sports)
  5. Probably we serve food at playgrounds/accommodations
  6. No spectators are allowed
  7. We don’t offer side-events, just tournament
  8. Please note: prices of the invitation can change
  9. If hostels/hotels are closed around the tournament-time in Germany, teams need to search for own accommodations
  10. All paid fees will be reimbursed in full if your national government or the German government make restrictions on participating.

Please note:
We cannot break legal guidlines. If Berlin as our regional government prescribes measures of sanitation, emergency vaccination or other policy decisions, it has to be followed and respected. These Decisions may be possibly short-dated.
We follow hygiene concept of German Basketball Federation and Berlin Basketball Federation,
both are linked below. Hygiene concept guidlines for International Eastercup will be publish –
you get all the necessary information upfront the tournament starts.
hygiene concepts:
German Basketball Federation (DBB):

Berlin Basketball Federation (BBV):