Q.      About schedule:

The schedule will be published 5-8 days before tournament is starting. There are Playoffs/Playdowns if enough teams take part at each competition.

Q.      About food:

We purchase Halal / Vegetarian / Glutenfree / Non-allergically food. There is a form where all teams can type in specific food.

Q.      About sightseeing:

There will be enough time to visit the city of Berlin during International Eastercup Berlin-Moabit.

Q.      About public transport:

The public transport ticket works on all tournament days in the area of Berlin ABC. Available are bus, tram, train, subway, „Regionalbahn“. The ticket is part of the fullboard @ Eastercup Berlin-Moabit.

Q.      About deposit:

Each team has to pay deposit. It will be refunded back by the office at the end of the tournament if everything worked out well. Those teams which are using Cupcard Highschool have to pay double deposit.

Q.      About registered teams:

It`s more a surprise which teams had registered online. Our overview-service at our website will not be actualized every month/week. The last day of team-registration is possible on 25th of March. Lately incoming registrations cost 50 € more.

Q.      About Alba Berlin Easy Credit BBL:

During Eastercup  2019 the professional team of Alba Berlin was playing on 21st of April. Tickets were available for 8 € per person(pre-order) including an administrative charge at office. The regular tickets are around 15 € per person or higher. Actually there is no game announced for the Eastercuptime 2020.

Q.      About Tournament-Finals:

Most of the youth-finals(U10-U22) are taking place on monday, less of them on sunday evening. All adult-finals instead of MASTERS 45+/3on3 FIBA/Refugees are taking place on saturday 16.00-22.00 pm during All-Star-Saturday-Night-Event. For more information have a look into the official invitation for 2020, choose your language please.

Q.      About prices/fees:

Have a look at the invitation. There are 2-3 different languages online each year. Please choose your language.

Q.      About cupshirts:

You`ll get a card for them if you are checking in at the office. Each team has to come to office for the Check-In-Procedure . @Office each team is getting a welcome-tournament-bag including gifts, information, Cupcards, tournament-magazine, maps etc…

Q.      About Cupcard Highschool:

No, there will be no beds or mattresses, please bring own airbeds, camping mats, pillows, blankets etc.

Q.      About choice of Cupcard:

Yes, every participant needs a Cupcard, if he is from India, Mongolia, Brandenburg or even in an own accommodation in Berlin. We like to give everybody the feeling of being part on an International Kids-Event.

Q.      About Cupcards commonly:

Yes, every participant needs a Cupcard. If you register a team please type in for all participants: Players/Coaches/Parents/Fans etc.

Without Cupcard it may could happen that games/events are charged and you can`t travel within a cheaper public transport ticket in Berlin ABC-Area. Furthermore you`ll get special discounts for shops at/around International Eastercup Berlin-Moabit.