12 days left

12 days left to #internationaleastercupberlin

Just 12 days left – time flies by.Feel free to join the Coaches-Clinic with FIBA-Coach @nikola.kuga on 9️⃣th of April in the eve. Coaches will get an extension of their license in 🇩🇪.🆒🆒🆒

The club behind the scenes, @bclionsmoabit, turned inclusive over the last 2 years. That’s why we offer a 3×3 wheelchair tourney on 🐣 sunday. It’s open for everybody, join it‼️✅‼️

Finally we dropped down all courts and accommodations on our map➡️➡️➡️Link in bio

There are 🎟 for the ALBA Game on 5th of April available, too. Drop a message to our office @eastercup-moabit.de, thx alot. 1st cancelation comes from Highrollers(GB). New team signed in is Hannover United for the 1st time, welcome!


MAP: https://internationaleastercup.cups.nu/2023,de/result/map

PRESS: https://news-dg.de/international-eastercup-basketball-turnier-im-april-2023-in-berlin-moabit-mit-137-mannschaften-aus-30-laendern/