Berlin Moabit

Moabit is an island district in the Mitte district of Berlin. Currently living about 80.000 inhabitants in Moabit. The central station Moabit is very centrally located and offers excellent transport links. Whether direction west or east, the infrastructure is well frequented either by train or bus. The government district and the main railway station are just 10 to 12 minutes by walk from the catering of  Alt-Moabit 10 and Court 1 Rathenower Str. Since Berlin’s 2001 administrative reform it belongs to the newly regrouped governmental borough of Mitte. Previously, from 1920 to 2001, it belonged to the borough of Tiergarten. Moabit’s borders are defined by three watercourses: the Spree, the Westhafen Canal and the Berlin-Spandau Navigation Canal. Colloquially, the name Moabit also refers to the Central Criminal Court (Strafgericht) and detention centre, which deals with all criminal cases in Berlin.

The origin of the name Moabit is disputed. According to one account, it can be traced back to the Huguenots, in the time of King Frederick William I of Prussia. These French refugees are said to have named their new residence in reference to the Biblical description of the Israelites in the country of Moab, where they stayed before being allowed to enter Canaan. Other possible origins include the German (Berlin dialect) „Moorjebiet“ (swamp area).

Our gamearenas are comfortabel and easily by foot (2 Courts maximum of 15 minutes, little warmup for your teams) to reach. In addition, two courts are handicapped accessible, including Roll Stage + sanitation. We play at least 8 Courts. Showers are always accessible in gyms or in hostels and hotels, all gyms are full courts. In addition, Moabit offers plenty of good restaurants, bars and snack bars where you can eat well for little money.