We offer a “Food Market” so there will be variability in the food we offer. During Lunch and Dinner Time, our Catering Team will build up 2 to 3 different stands. Beside a rich variety of typical salad, there will daily changing offers, e.g. one stand will offer german food and another one will offer pasta for example. So each participant can choose between 2-3 meals because of this we hope to guarantee that there is something for everyone. We have vegetarian, non-allergically and halal food, please inform our office before the tournament starts or type in on our website mid of March 2018.

If a meal is already empty(first come first serve) please choose one of the others. (We try to serve enough for everybody but sometimes this is not possible).








March 29th: Dinner


March 30th to April 1st: breakfast, lunch and dinner


April 2nd: breakfast + lunch





07.30-9.30 BREAKFAST

(light 7.00-7.30)


12.00-14.30 LUNCH


17.30-20.30 DINNER



Dinner 29th of March 2018: 20.00-22.00






Please note: Each person has to show his/her cupcard + coupon at the entrance. There is just ONE station to give back the used dishes, please leave the tables as clean as possible. Thank you!




Our Service 2018




If teams cannot make it to some meal-sessions, please call our office or talk to our cateringmanager. All meals can be arranged for take away. We can also deliver it to one of our courts if the shuttle-service is free for work(available), 10 € per delivery. Please inform our office if and when its necessary. The costs are 10 € with 2 hours order before for bringing it to the gym for example.