As a referee you will get 12 meals , free coffee at our kiosk at gyms, 1-2x referee-shirts, 10,00 € for each match. Every referee will get a public transport ticket ABC for 7 days (28th March to 3th April) for 15€ per ticket(if needed), feel free to come ealier or stay longer, please let us know. In addition, there will be a schuttle service for referees during tournament organized by your referee-manager.


Each referee should officiate about 20 games or more (starting thursday 18.00pm , ending monday ca. 18.00 pm) and must be in possession of a valid C-license/DBB/Official Federation License. End of registration for referees 2PO is 31th of January 2018. 3PO is helding an international Clinic in 2018 again. The registration deadline 3PO is ending 10th of March 2018 (there is a other application form, please take a look). Registrations for wheelchair international Referee-Clinic is 1st of March 2018 (there is a other application form, please take a look).



All 2PO will stay at the same hostel together with other referees at 4bedrooms in 2018 (pls. bring own linnen or sleepingbag). Costs are 19 € per night/person during the tournamentdays.


Furthermore there is a possibility to stay in a Hotel for a higher additional charge ( It`s about 28 € per night/person in ONE 6-bedroom, called Referees Hotel Room! (there is only 1x 6-bedroom at all).



Hostel/hotel, public transport ticket and a possible shuttle will reduce your referee payment at the end of the tournament.



The meeting of the referees will take place on 29th of March at 17:00 pm in the mainarena Alt-Moabit 10/Court 1 in 10557 Berlin, meetingpoint @Office. Refs can be picked up at airport Tegel = TXL or ZOB for a small fee of 5 € organized by the shuttle-team (if your referee-manager pick you up it`s for free). There is a chillout-lounge-meeting on 1st of April again., Referees are more than welcomed. On Monday 2nd of April there will be a Review-Chillout-Lounge and free BBQ.


Referee's will get 1x water per day for free @office.



We only take 15 x referees who do not come from Berlin + Germany at all.



In 2018 we will play a charity-match with Referees vs. Coaches as one of the openers again.


Finally we celebrate the MVR-Best Referee of the tournament:


2014 the best referee came from Danmark, representing Aalborg, name: Edon Morina.

2015 the best referee came from Sweden, representing Malmo, name: Martin Svensson.

2016 the best referee came from Australia, name:Gabe Caligiuri.

2017 the best referee came from Germany, name:Patrick Grabow.


After your registration, our referee-manager will select the referee team for 2018 and write you all further information you need. Your registration isn't succesful until your payment of a deposit (60€) are transfered to the tournament account, you will get the details by mail. Deposit will be refunded cash after tournament.


In Case of not showing up or canceling registration, we will refund deposit until 1 week before tournament starts only!